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YOLO – you only live once!


You Only Live Once…. to those of you who weren’t quite sure what that was supposed to mean.

YOLO, so don’t worry and be happy.

That is our brief breakdown of life.

And, amazingly enough we have also have “don’t worry” magnets and “be happy” magnets, it’s like we had a plan!

Anyway………..YOLO……… so……

Now stick it somewhere you or yours can see our sparkly little message.

Most metallic surfaces will work, don’t limit yourself by just thinking about the obvious.


formed by nature

crystalised by laser

each stone unique

local Irish stone


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Product Description

Slate & Fossils

We use local Cork green slate for our stones, this rock was formed 450-600 million years ago (or thereabouts!) when layers of compressed clay, ash & plant material were eventually transformed into rock.

When you look first you may see smudges or spots on the surface of your stone. If you look closer you will see that these are actually fossilised remains of plants. Old plants that grew here hundreds of millions of years ago.

Have a look and see what you can see!


The immense heat of our laser reacts with minerals in the stone, to form natural crystals on the surface of the stone that sparkle darkly. We bring new life to ancient stone.


Our lovely Irish green slate is not called green because it’s Irish but because of it’s green hue.

But, on top of that our slate has it’s own extra special little addition that you may see in your stone, malachite. Malachite is a beautiful green mineral that is found sporadically thought the seam of slate.

So, your Irish green slate, with it’s green hue may have additional specks of green throughout the stone. We just wanted you to be sure (to be sure) of where the stone came from.


Your stone by it’s nature is tough and durable. However the crystals on the surface can be scraped off by other stones/stone surfaces.

Also, slate can crack when dropped or thrown (it has been known to happen!), so yes you have a stone but show it a little TLC.

You can rinse it in warm soapy water and let it dry naturally in the sun if you want to dust it from time to time.


Whether you are gifting MYTSTONES (soon to be yourstone) to yourself or to a loved one why not have a look at our accessories section.

We have lovely, natural fibre, drawstring bags, which make great gift bags for MYSTONES.  The earthy feel of the bags suits the natural stone perfectly. Plus, it saves you from having to wrap them!

Have a look at our accessories section here

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